So, let me guess.

You’re trawling the internet in search of a solution to help you sleep, right?

You’ve tried all the obvious stuff. You’ve been to the doctor and nothing seems to work.

I can relate. I’ve been through it all myself.

It’s horrible.

Nobody should have to wrestle with insomnia. It makes life a living hell.






I’m Ian. A 30 year old human male from the United Kingdom, I’m a self help author and former insomniac. Go me!

For years I accepted not being able to sleep as a way of life. Lying awake, staring at the walls while my girlfriend falls asleep instantly. (I was so jealous).

I went to the doctors, but they couldn’t help me either. So I tried to accept insomnia as a way of life. Things started to get worse. I was so tired, I never wanted to do anything and my social life all but died.

It also cost my huge opportunities in my career. I was shambling around like a Zombie, I needed to do something about this, fast!

One day I had enough. I decided I was going to explore every method and remedy I could find, whether it were environmental, psychological, spiritual or downright strange. Looking online, textbooks, speaking to doctors and counsellors. I wanted to learn it all.

I tested out each theory as I learnt it, and in truth many didn’t work, or only helped a little. I found that a lot of sources all had a little piece of the answer and so I began to assemble a system based on combining certain methods in a specific order…

I kept at it and six months later, I created my own formula! I found that if I combined various specific techniques I could fall asleep almost straight away, every single night!

Then everything changed.

I had more energy, applied for and got my dream job and had more energy for my friends and family and life never looked better!

I was quite happy to leave it at that but when I shared my story socially I discovered I wasn’t as alone as I thought with my insomnia. Friends had it too. So I set aside some time and took a small group of friends through my technique, I wanted to see if it would work on others.

It did! For all of them!

I found myself getting a real buzz out of knowing nobody else had to go through what I went through and so, I set up sleepofyourdreams.com. A free online advice resource which I’ll eventually be looking to turn into a place to host a video course of my step by step simple but unique sleeping system. (Something I’m working on building right now).

But now, back to you. Your whole not sleeping thing…

It’s about time for it to stop.

We’re going to turn it around. Together.

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Also, it’s completely free.

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Join countless others who are ready to change their lives.


I’m here to help you kick insomnia’s ass!


Ian x